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D-Star Race Suits

Here is where you get to see exactly how your suit will be made, and what will be used. The best part though is this is all incuded in the price!

We can do extra padding in the elbows, shoulders, biceps,collar bone area, chest, thigh, hip and in the bum panels.
If you need this let us know where you want the extra padding and we will give your the price.

Click on the links below to view our suit galleries. Gallery 1 shows our oldest work and gallery 8 shows our newest .

Gallery 10
Gallery 9
Gallery 8
Gallery 7
Gallery 6
Gallery 5
Gallery 4
Gallery 3
Gallery 2
Gallery 1

Here you can see the difference between our two types of racesuits, a full FIM spec race suit and a material mix. You can see both styles include many of the same parts. You should choose which types suits you based on comfort, safety and style.

D-Star Full Kevlar and Kevlar Nylon Mix Racesuits


Once we have your measurements we will first create your race suit sizing template in our specialist software. This will then be all to scale when we add the design for you.

D-Star Racewear Suit Measurements


Once the sizing is complete we will start work on your design and add in all your sponsor logos. You will then be sent a copy to double check your suit is just how you want it.

D-Star Suit Designs

Then depending which suit materials you choose for your suit we will then press the design into them. In case your not sure which to have in your suit here are what the two main materials that we uselook like.

The square chequered nylon is one material we use to make our bike covers and will only be used in a suit if you order a material mix race suit. Then it will be on the upper side of the arms and the front body sections (unless specified else where) All other panels will be constructed of the stronger FIM spec material.


Then your suit will cut out into sections and then prepared ready for the sewing process will begin.

Goodins D-Star Kevlar / Nylon Mix Suit


In a D-Star Suit there are some additonal features that we have as standard. Every suit will have reinforcing in the knees. This provides strength and padding for the outer layer of the suit helping your suit to last longer.

Kevlar Knees


On top of this we have a foam material which we use when constructing the shin panels. This helps the suit last longer and cope with the shale, mud and stones that will hit the suit if you happen to get behind.

D-Star Shin Panels

On the inside of the ankles we have an area of heat resistant material which helps to protect you from melting your suit on your exhaust at the start line

Ankle Heat Protection


If you chose to have shoulder sponsor panels they will come similar to this. Below shows our standard shape but we can also do a shoulder panel style without the point. These new style shoulder panels are sewn into the collar to allow race jackets to have the best possible movement on your body.

D Star Racewear

Here's another photo of how your new suit will look with sponsor shoulder panels, Photo showing arm and body area,

D Star Racewear


Once everythings been designed and sewn together its then time to see what the finished product looks like and get out on track!

D Star Racewear

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