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Covec Track Racing Body Armour

Introducing the revolutionary track racing body armour from Covec.

This body armour is raising the game and setting new standards in track racing with its mix of high performance impact pads and its covec material structure.
All pads are made from impact foam which are heat sensitive so they mould to your body and allow for greater movement and a weightless feel.
The covec material offers high abrasion resistance, cut resistance and low friction heat transfer which is perfect for track racing when many crashes mean you slide along the track surface, preventing additional consequential burns in a crash scenario.
Covec can only retain 0.01% of moisture from washing and sweat which gives it greater prolonged performance as it will not weaken when repeatedly washed and worn.
It also has great yarn on yarn abrasion resistance which mean it doesn’t weaken through wearing and washing.

The most amazing thing about Covec is that it has a very high melting point. So high in fact that in our tests it stood up to the heat from an exhaust/silencer type temperature for over a minute, other materials tested didn’t last 10 seconds!

So when your considering which body armour to protect your body, chose Covec to protect you from impact, abrasion and thermal burns.

Covec track Racing Body Armour

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